About Us

I’m Samuel Washington! Early 2014, to the world and my family I seemed like I had it all figured out, The U.S. Army soldier who did something different. I received so many praises for what I thought wasn't deserved. My life wasn't as glamorous as they thought, as a matter of fact I breaking down internally and it was beginning to show on the outside. The power of choice saved my life. I had already failed so many times in life and the military provided me with opportunity, so the only thing for me to see change was my mindset. People first laughed when I said, “It’s Your Choice”, but that's where the new mindset started for me. I had to make a decision and continue to make that same decision. I now understood the recipe and started to feel and see change in my life.
If the power of choice saved me, would it do the same for somebody else? That's the question I asked myself before I embarked on this journey to instill choices in anybody I'm able to touch. Now it's more than the power of choice, it's also the understanding of ownership. The easy to remember phrase of, “It’s Your Choice” is simple but a very powerful one. This movement helps you take ownership of your Mindset, Happiness, and Success. Who better to control those things than yourself? The ability to not let your environment define to you, the understanding of letting your failures become life lessons, and the power of creating your own happiness. These things are available to each of us but it starts with the knowledge and understanding that, It's Your Choice.


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